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The commission has laid down certain aims of NALANDA College education in the country keeping in view the past tradition, the present conditions and future prospects of the country. In this context the Commission took into consideration the personal interests of students and also of the nation. While defining the aims the Commission has been also conscious of the international obligations. We are giving below are aims of nalanda education as laid down by the Commission:
NALANDA College prides itself on its international community of students and the faculty providing an exciting, colorful campus life for everyone. We aim to provide students with a broad-based education across different discipline with a global perspective, in order to develop students intellectual and personal strengths. We expect the best out of our students, through excellence in learning and teaching, thus seeking to develop graduates of international distinction. Students have the chance to learn under the expert guidance of from faculty. Students are able to develop skills and knowledge relevant to present day issues. They develop problems solving skills and the ability to innovate- skills that are invaluable for further study, employment and be world ready.
The objective of education is to built a proper and integrated understanding to implant and propagate the creed to inculcate students the values teachings and ideals. To support the student acquire various knowledge and skills. To develop the society in the domains of economy, culture and maintain societal development to qualify the individual as a beneficial member of his/her society. The College is an institution of Higher Education its primary charitable purpose is the pursuit of education, religion, learning and research, and its overall objectives.

1  The aims of NALANDA College education should be produce able citizens who can take up national responsibilities successfully in various fields. The university has to produce able administrators and suitable workers in various occupations and industries. The College has provide leadership in the various walks of life in the best interest of the nation.

2  It is a duty of a Nalanda to present and develop the culture and civilization of the land. It is on the basis of one’s culture that one may acquire self-dependence. These virtues of the part of citizens will make the nation really very strong.

3  The Nalanda should generate new ideas and discard those which are likely to prevent the growth of the nation. For progress it is necessary to rise above superstitions. The college has to help the, students to imbibe good aspects of their culture and to accept new values for all round development.

4  The Nalanda should provide opportunities to acquire all kinds of knowledge

5  The Nalanda has to educate the mind and soul of the student in order that he may grow in wisdom

6  It is the responsibility of the college to create a consciousness in students for protecting the directive principles as to be laid down in the Constitution. The Nalanda has to make the foundation of democracy strong and it has to develop the spirit in students for ensuring equality, fraternity and social justice to all while maintaining the integrity of the nation.

7  The Nalanda has to make new discoveries and inventions and it has to develop new original ideas in order to make the society strong.

8  The Nalanda has to develop the College brotherhood and internationalism in students.