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Nalanda College " REGULAR "

Nalanda College regular education is the traditional way of providing education. All Schools college and institute are providing regular education to the students. In regular education, the student has always been under the observation of any teacher or mentor. Students have to prepare the class assignments, home assignments etc.

Those assignments have been observed or checked by the teacher and mentor. All these assignment help the students to get ready for the final examination. The teachers always conduct the test, they come to know about the problem in the student performance if any. It is a very good way to learn because and you always have a chance to solve your doubt in the class. Regular Education is the term often used to describe the educational experience of typically developing student.

The content of this curriculum is defined in most states by state standards, many which have adopted the Common Core State Standards. These standards define the academic skills that students should acquire at each grade level. This is the Free and appropriate Education against which the program of a student who receives special education is evaluated.

General Education is used interchangeably with regular education but is preferred. It is better to speak of general education students as opposed to regular education students. Regular implies that special education students are irregular, or somehow flawed. Once again, General Education is the curriculum designed for all students which state meant to meet state standards, or if adopted, the Common Core State Standards. Unless students are in the most restrictive environments.