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Nalanda College " DISTANCE EDUCATION "

Nalanda College Offers through the institute of open and Distance Education (IODE) both short term and long term programmes leading to Certificate, Diploma and degrees. Which are conventional as well as innovative.

Most of these Progammes have been developed after an initial survey of the demand for such programmes in the job market. They launched with a view to fulfill the learner’s need for skill and employability.

1  Certification

2  Improvement of Skills

3  Acquisition of professional qualification

4  Continuing education and professional development at work place

5  Self-enrichment

6  Diversification and updation of knowledge

7  Empowerment

Another way of learning is the distance education system. Under this scheme of study, students are directly connected to the university or Colleges. There is not any intermediate between student and universities. But nowadays the universities affiliate some institutes help you to follow the procedure of the university and they also provide you the classes according to your convenience.

The classes have been conducted on weekends such as either on Sunday or both the last day week. The student has to study and learn on the personal basic because there is he teacher is available under the education scheme. The weekend classes conducted by the universities directly are just to help the students if they facing some problems during their studies.

The word distance education itself says it’s an education which can be learned through distance, might be a teacher be at one place and a learner at another place. Distance education is a technique through which the students are educated by using different sources such as weekend classes, internet, video conferencing, audio tapes so on… Distance education is a means to gain additional qualification has and when needed (Scaling high in any organization that they are presently engaged with). Often distance education is also known has distance learning, e-learning, on-line learning, web-based learning, home study courses, correspondence. For career people with job, children’s, disabilities or other reasons which makes them difficult to attend classes distance education is a source to continue their studies.

Distance education has turned out be one of the well-liked educations in India. Different types of qualification can be gained through distance education-Right from Certification to diplomas, degrees.